How The Election Results Impact Your Wealth

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Video Contents

[4:30] The correlation between elections and stock market performance.

[8:00] Is the stock market in general facing headwinds or benefiting from tailwinds?

[10:00] What near-zero interest rates means for investors.

[13:00] How important is fiscal stimulus to the economic recovery?

[16:00] Are stocks currently overvalued or undervalued?

[24:00] How far ahead does the stock market forecast economic performance?

[25:30] Which asset classes look most attractive for investors right now?

[28:30] The most important advice for long-term investors, according to Brian Levitt.

[34:00] Does major civil unrest impact financial markets?

[35:40] Will the growing national debt hurt the economy and investors?

[41:00] How will the housing market perform compared with the stock market?

[42:30] How will the Green New Deal and shifting away from fossil fuels affect the economy and our investments?

[44:00] Gold and silver as investments.

[45:45] Will dividends stocks rise in value in 2021 and beyond?

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